Kings Day.

“We heard music blasting from small boats floating happily around the canals, and saw people drinking and dancing on overcrowded platforms.”

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Wandering Camera.

We haven’t had the chance to wander a lot, but the good news is that because of a visit from my non-EU cousin, we were able to buy a brand new Olympus and get the tax back!

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Feasting in Spain.

“Granada offered another culinary experience that had us stumbling with full bellies from bar to bar.”

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Lisbon and Fairytale Castles.

“There were ancient green clumps of moss covering the Well from top to bottom, strange masonic symbols which gave the area a mystifying fog, and although it was a sunny day, the way that the Well was constructed filtered the light into complete darkness at the bottom.”

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Portugal. First stop Porto!

“Porto greeted us with an immediate warm smile on arrival, warmer we were told then it usually is in November.”

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A Beer in Brussels.

“The streets here would curve and angle into twisting hills and the zooming cars seemed to care not for any cyclists on the road – I had only travelled an hour away, but it was already so different.”

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Amsterdam Dance Event. Out of Retirement.

“I was retired from music festivals. The days of standing between sweaty bodies rubbing up against each other in increasingly clothe-less mosh pits was over. Spending what seemed like hours waiting to reach the mythical front of queue with 20,000 other people screaming for drinks was just a distant memory. The tired impossible walk home when trying to out-smart the other 30,000 looking for a taxi? Wouldn’t have to go through that again…”

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